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No Reset Button in Webpage Form

Author Zhou Renjian Create@ 2007-04-17 10:17
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I had many frustrated experiences with those forms that had a "Reset" button, especially those forms with "Reset" button placed right to the "Submit" button. I input a lot and just wanted to post the form but got everything clean! All by those nonsense "Reset" buttons!

I doubt that the "Reset" button is useless and should NEVER be placed inside a web form. Very few people click that button. And the function of "Reset" button can be performed in other ways, like selecting all the text and then pressing "Delete" key.

Besides, if you do think "Reset" button is a necessary, please do make sure that "Reset" button is not pressed by a mistake, especially when many words are keyed down. Please do ask the user to confirm that s/he is going to clean his/her input.