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Architecture of RDF-based wHizz Notes

Author Zhou Renjian Create@ 2004-12-05 21:53
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The essential of the RDF-based wHizz Notes is to use RDF models. Maybe I should have my own file-based RDF database, my own RDF query implementation, my own RDF web services, my own RDF Stylesheet Language Transformation, and my own RDF layout templates.

Why not use the existed technologies? Lots of related technologies have beed well developed, such as Jena, Longwell, Velocity, XUL. Well, I should use the existed technologies. In fact, the semantic web technologies are developing, no one can tell which technologies is the best. No application can understand the semantic of the internet. But my architecture of RDF-based wHizz Notes is trying to build a framework which can understand the semantic step by step. So it should use all brandnew technologies.

Actually, this new framework is such a great work for me. I find that I feel little before such an architecture. I should have a clear ideas of AI, sematic, RDF, Query Language, and things. Now I find that I am much of lacking knowledge about software engineering.