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Should "Janykee Joz" become "Janyckee Jozz"

Author Zhou Renjian Create@ 2004-07-12 03:47
whizz Note icon

As "whizz" has double "z" in the end, should "Joz" becomes "Jozz" with double "z"?

Jozz iz whizz? Jozz@whizz ? ?


Janyckee Jozz :--"Janyckee" ends with double "e" and "Jozz" ends with double "z"? And they are both begin with "J"!

J-ee J-zz?

Janyckee Jozz (J-ee J-zz) @

"J-ee J-zz" mizz "anyck o"?